President’s Message

Dear Graduate Members,

Welcome aboard to all the new Executive Committee Members of NYPGA for Year 2018/20.

NYPGA would like to thank all the Executive Committee Members of Year 2016/2018 for a job well done during their 2 years tenure to service NYPGA.

Year 2018 will be NYPGA 22th Anniversary. The committee has planned and will be rolling out a series of activities to celebrate this milestone. Please visit the website regularly for most up to date activities and notices.

Importantly, in the recent concluded meeting, committee has unanimously agreed on the direction NYPGA. NYPGA will and should focus on activities that will value-add to our graduates. We are currently working with skills providers and various training institutions that will offer preferential benefits to our graduates.

Year 2018 will be another exciting year for us as we focus to bring more graduates and opportunities into the community. In the meanwhile, remain connected and we look forward to your continuous support.
Wishing you all the best from the Nanyang Polytechnic Graduates’ Association!

Yours Sincerely

Jeffrey Tang

Nanyang Polytechnic Graduates’ Association
Term 2018/20