Committee Members

The NYPGA held its 22th AGM on 30 January 2019

  • Since this is an election year, a new team of management committee members was elected to office by the members who are present. For the year 2018/20, we are glad to have a larger management committee team as more members have come forward to volunteer their time for contribution to NYPGA.
  • NYPGA would like to express its heartiest appreciation to the year 2016/18 committee members for their contribution to the GA and members who have spared us their precious time.

NYPGA Management Committee 2018/2020

Designation Name
President Mr. Jeffrey Tang
1st Vice President Dr. Peter Lim Chin Leng
2nd Vice President Mr. Yam Chee Choong
Hon Secretary Ms. Jayne Tan
Hon Treasurer Mr. Charlie Tan Kok Heng
Committee Member Mr. Low Kim Tuck
Committee Member Ms. Janet Lee
Hon Auditor 1 Mr. Jason Pan
Hon Auditor 2 Mr. Joseph Lee
GA Secretariat Ms. Lena Yeo