Registered in 1996 with the Registry of Societies, the Nanyang Polytechnic Graduates’ Association (NYPGA) was set up to promote closer links between the graduates’ and their Alma Mater, Nanyang Polytechnic. More importantly, NYPGA aims to provide graduands with an avenue to turn to for advice, to expand and grow from the collective experience of fellow graduands as they strive forward.

Currently situated in the spawing campus of the Nanyang Polytechnic, the NYPGA enjoys the strong support of our Alma Mater. NYPGA conducts a host of activities for its members throughout the year. Such activities include courses on using the Internet, web page creation, gatherings, self-improvement programmes, recreational activities, and others.

NYPGA is constantly striving hard to serve the varied needs of it’s members. To provide more benefits to members, NYPGA will try to form affiliations with various organisations and other services for our members’ benefit.

NYPGA aims

  • Promote closer ties and networking among members of the Association.
  • Promote closer links between members of the Association and their Alma Mater, Nanyang Polytechnic.
  • Promote the interests of the members of the Association, both locally and internationally.
  • Promote and organise educational, social, cultural, sporting, recreational and civic activities among members of the Association.

For further information and feedback on the NYPGA, please contact :